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Writing and Editing
Meleah Maynard – Writer and Editor

I am a freelance journalist, author and editor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My stories, essays and columns on science-related topics, nature, technology, motion graphics and VFX, gardening, health and many other things have appeared in numerous publications, including Minnesota Monthly, History Channel Magazine, Minnesota Alumni, Gardening How-To, Live Design, CGSociety, Studio Daily, Twin Cities Business, Better Homes and Gardens, Northern Gardener, Midwest Home, Mpls. St. Paul and City Pages. My book, Decoding Gardening Advice: The Science Behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations, was co-written with Jeff Gillman and published by Timber Press in 2012.

A full-time freelancer since 2001, I’ve had about a zillion jobs in my life: waitress, bartender, receptionist, hot dog griller (seriously), coat check girl, retail clerk, overnight staff person at a women’s shelter and mental health caseworker at a day treatment center for people with serious mental illness—just to name a few. Today, I work from home and my clients include magazines, newspapers, websites, non-profits and businesses of all types and sizes. Adept at many different writing styles, I most love writing profiles and stories about people, bugs and animals doing whatever it is they do.My blog on gardening, nature and other interesting stuff is called Livin’ Thing, and I would love it if you would check it out at livinthing.com.